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I feel the same way, I don't think he has a clue about RSD, other than the pain portion of it. LOL!! He doesn't even acknowledge that the twitches and jerks can be caused by it. I still swear the sacroiliac joint spread is from the second block they did. I know it's weird and not a normal progression of the disease, but nothing about my case is. It's just funny to me that it would start hurting like that the day after the second block. He was all concerned about it and I think deep down he knows the block did it, but would never admit to it. That's also part of my stimulator issue, I'm spreading good all on my own, I don't need help. I broke a light fixture on my good foot and the spot where that happened feels like there is still glass in it. I've had it checked out and it's just RSD spread.

I'm still waiting on the call from the place they referred me to and can't wait. I still would like to know why he's so anti medication other than I bet he gets big checks every time I see someone walking out of his office with the stimulator.

Plus, woohoo!!! after a giant pi**ing match over referrals I ended up with a psychiatrist that can see me next week instead of in a month and a half and no problem with the referral, gave the receptionist my number from the mental health provider and I'm good. YEAH!! I swear they are trying to make me crazy.

Still playing with the TENS unit, no help at all on the sacroiliac joint so back to voltaren, (I really do need to ask those people about a job! The PM was dumbfounded when I said it works great, am I weird that it works that good for me?) trying it on my feet today. I'm not sold on it, but I'm going to give it a workout before returning it.


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