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My RSD started in my shoulder (maybe with my injury in Nov 06, or perhaps after my first rotator cuff surgery the following May. I had a second rotator cuff surgery almost a year later). At the beginning of last winter the RSD quickly spread to my cervical spine and the back of my head and I started getting horrific headaches. It didn't take long for my hands and feet to become cold and numb and tingly most of the time - it feels like I am walking on bricks and typing on concrete most of the time. I need to sleep with gloves and 2 pairs of socks and an electric heater to get warm enough to fall sleep. I also take Ambien CR because my head hurts so badly when I lay down that I have trouble sleeping at all. My legs used to burn so that I couldn't sit down unless I was on sitting on the end of the chair, but since the weather started to get a little warmer here in RI that only happens once in a while. I get the flushing of the whole upper body at times also, usually later in the day and when I am anxious or angry or when the weather is cold/wet/windy.

Is this what is considered whole body RSD?

I have a new symptom this week which is scary - my lower left back - the opposite side of the trunk where my RSD started - aches terribly deep inside. I don't know what it is all about...I don't remember pulling any muscles since I don't do a lot of heavy duty chores anymore.

As always, your thoughts and/or comments are deeply appreciated. Have a good one everyone, sandy

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