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It's full body rsd. When you have rsd pain and symptoms all over then that's it! I have full body too. It's always a good idea to have any new pain checked out. If tests come back normal for anything else wrong then it's likely the rsd causing the pain.

I'm sorry you're dealing with rsd too. If you had rsd when you had the 1st or even 2nd surgery and precautions weren't taken then it's like the surgery is what caused more spread. I can't say since you don't say when you first got rsd symptoms and all.

Cold weather always makes us hurt more and warmer weather helps a little bit. Feel free to ask any other questions you have and also to just vent or whatever you need.



My RSD started in my right foot/ankle and spread up my leg and across to the other leg within 3 months I think due to too vigorus physiotherapy. Six months later I started getting lumbar sympathetic blocks, One of my blocks caused a huge pain in my kidney area that went away with my next block but came back, it comes and goes now (with flare ups and such) and I have problems with my organs that cannot be explained except for organ involvement and RSD.. I now have full body RSD though WC B says it is only in my 4 limbs. I have had this four years in May, lidocaine infusions help alot.


*I did have some symptoms in my arms as well prior to the lumbar blocks being done.

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