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Lidocaine infusion?
Hi there..
I get subcutanious lidocaine infusions every 3 weeks and they actualy help quite a bit, it helps the sensitivity to things that shouldnt hurt like clothing and breezes, a light touch or a bump.. the pain levels are lower for a bit. It just helps me to feel more like the old me.. to get back to living.

I realy hope lidocaine infusion is what they are offering Gongers, it has given me back alot of my life in the past year since I have been getting them.

Hi Gongers,
I've only gone to a pain management doctor once and I honestly didn't like him but he did give me some valuable information. I went to him hoping to get a Lidocaine infusion but he told me I've had RSD too long for it to help me. Said it needs to be done right away, within the first year or sooner so he wouldn't do it since I was diagnosed in Oct 07. Are you newly diagnosed? I pretty much manage mine with medication and when I'm tired I try very hard to nap.
Must run for now,
I just wanted to let ya know that this board is a quality board -- There's great information about RSD, it's treatments, medications, etc etc and there's also support and friendship from people who have this crappy stuff. Sometimes humor gets us through the tough times, and it's been my experience that people on this board never intend to be inappropriate.
From what I was told about the Lidocaine infusion, it basically turns off the nerves while sedated with the hopes to decrease pain. There's a gal on this board who has had them with much success.
When I was first diagnosed, I truly thought my life had ended. I was also literally scared to death and all I did was cry to a very dear friend of mine who has been battling breast cancer because I knew that she had gone through the fear like I was going through. I'm grateful that I found this board and I'm thankful for the support and friends on here -- It seems no matter what, there's always people here for each other and I think that's wonderful because we all have what can be a terrible painful condition. Sometimes we want to hear optimism, other times we want humor. Other times we just want to cry. Sometimes all we want is to vent.
I'm hoping that all of us have a good day tomorrow. I rode a bike today for the first time since I was diagnosed (2007). It was only for 20 minutes, but at least I did it -- HOORAY!:)
Take care,:angel:

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