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Sounds like rsd to me! Causlgia is the really old name for rsd. CRPS is the "new" name they gave it some years back now. You seem to have all the "classic" signs from what you've written here.

An scs is the worst thing that can be done besides surgery where you have rsd. That, imo, is only going to make it spread all over. I've seen it happen to way too many people over the years.

Has anyone mentioned or tried lumbar nerve blocks? It would be worth a try to see if it would help or not. It's also the only way to find out if your pain is smp(sympathetically maintained pain) or sip(sympathetically independent pain). The difference between them being, smp you'll get some relief from blocks and sip you'll get no relief at all. When pain is sip, there's rarely much you can do, or so docs say.

Other treatment options if blocks don't work are lidocaine infusions or hbot(hyperbaric oxygen therapy). Insurance won't pay for hbot unless the scrip is written for an "approved" condition. The infusions may or may not be depending on the company. The turn down to pay for it has been reversed when appealed.

I'm sorry you're having to go through this. Welcome to the board though I wish it were for something different. Feel free to vent,yell,cry,be angry, ask questions or whatever else you need and want to do. We all understand for sure.

A little about me. Broke my kneecap at work. Went full body in 11 months. It's now been 6 years for me and counting.

Big Hugs,


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