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The goal of the blocks is to interrupt the pain signals and hopefully stop the pain cycle with the injection of a combination of drugs to numb an arm or leg. It's the first thing to be done once you're diagnosed with rsd. A useful aspect of them is it telling the doc whether your pain is smp or sip. If you get pain relief from a block you have smp(sympatheticallly maintained pain). If you get no relief at all not even 5 minutes then your pain is sip(sympathetically independent pain). If it's sip then further blocks will do nothing for you. If you it helps, then getting more blocks should give you longer relief with each one. Or at least that's what it's supposed to do. If it's been too long by the time you get the 1st block, then you may not build up a longer relief time with each one.

After a block, you might have some soreness where they did the block for a few days. Your skin should have a normal temp instead of feeling cold to the touch and should make your skin a normal color again. The temp and color usually last for a few hours even if it does nothing for the pain. That's what it did for me. Temp and color were normal for about 11-12 hours before it went back to rsd "normal". LOL It's like someone threw a switch. One second it was normal, the next second it was back to rsd beautiful! :-D

You probably won't be able to feel your leg after a block or an arm, so it's a good idea to have someone stay with you until the feeling comes back. You can't drive yourself when getting a block. Someone has to bring you and take you home. It's a good idea to not do anything for the first 24 hours at the very least. It gives the block time to work. Some docs will put you out, like mine did, others don't or you have to ask to be put out for the block. Personally, I'd never have it done while awake. *shudders*

That's all I can think of now. If you have any more questions we'll do our best to answer them!



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