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Just wanted to say keep the people with the gentle hands, I went for a third consult last Thursday and I still hurt, they were mean.

Now the blocks, I had two done and they weren't bad. I stayed awake for them as I have a terror of general anesthesia and why be put out if you don't have to, right? The needle going in felt like a little electric shock, I even asked what it was. There was a bit of pain involved after. It made the front of my hip on the side of the injection hurt, they blew that off so I don't know if it's normal or not. As you might have noticed from my posts I don't have the best of doctors. (The receptionist at work told me one of her friends has been having problems with the same place for years when I called in with a new re exam date and it made me so happy to know it's not just me)

I've been told I have a high pain threshold, by the nice lady doing the EMG/NCV tests with her needles and zapper, so you might not want to believe me about the pain. LOL

My foot warmed up almost immediately and I could move my ankle, but alas, it wore off after a day and a half, so they did another one. That one made more pain in my back than the one before and again, warm foot and movement and again wore off after a day and a half. They were supposed to call me about what to do next since they weren't lasting as long as he would like and didn't for a week or so, in which time I developed problems that I think is spread in my opposite sacroiliac joint so they haven't done anymore. In fact he's pretty much refusing to do much of anything right now other than refills since I say no, no, no to the stimulator until all other options are exhausted.

I'd say go for it, there are risks, but I would have kept with the program and would still try more now if he were willing. I begged for a facet joint injection as a matter of fact and got a big fat NO! They say you need to do 8-10 to see if they really work, but totally up to you. My doctor sent me home to rest after the injection, the place I saw last week sends you for an hour of PT after, which I think is what should be done from what research I did on the blocks. Karen might know more here.

If you do the first one and the pain isn't worth the relief, tell them and ask if there are other options. If they are good doctors, they should listen and look for something else for you. If you want to know more from me, just ask.


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