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[QUOTE=1sunny1;3939927]Hi there, I am sorry you went thru so much with Lyrica, the drug certainly is not for everyone, we are all different and have different effects, but truly, Lyrica is a miracle drug for me, I have no side effects except weight gain and I am doing my best to keep it off, I walk briskly everyday 3 to 5 miles. I will deal with the weight gain as Lyrica has given me back somewhat of a normal life. Take care...


Sunny: I am certainly glad that LYRICA has helped you with your disease, but really look at all of the blogs and search "LYRICA side effects", you will find a whole lot more negatives said about Lyrica than positives. The thing you might need to be thinking about now, is if you have to stop taking it. The most complaints I have found is that most people have a terrible time getting off of the drug (like me). In fact, I read one user's note that said he had to detox from MORPHINE and LYRICA was more difficult to detox than the very, very strong Narcotic. Just be aware. What I am hearing, is most doctors are putting their patients on Benzos (Valium, etc..) to help them get off Lyrica. Again, I am happy it works for you, but if you look through all of the forums and blogs about LYRICA, the majority are very negative. I certainly wasn't planning on losing all of my teeth and spending well over 20 thousand dollars to get them fixed. I still don't know how much my implant will cost, but I hear it is pretty expensive. Be well and I really am happy for you. Tonio

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