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My pain guy called PT pain and torture today when I went into his office. LOL

He said I looked better and I told him the dosage switch and the TENS were helping. He seemed stunned at the whole TENS thing, but hey. Then he asked where my pain was, I told him since I stopped one of the PT exercises my shoulders had improved about 80%, my legs from the knees down, the sacroiliac joint and my fingers. I told him about how the people in Kentucky when stitching up my fingers injected the novacane directly into my nerve and I couldn't bend my finger for three months. After three months of physically moving it, it now bends but is still partially numb and if he could make that happen in the sacroiliaic joint I'd be one happy camper. And then he is all, why haven't we done anything about that joint, I said you sent me to PT and said I was too tense, I even offered to let you use the big needle and do it on a local. He agreed, I get an injection next Tuesday. Happy Dance.

He FINALLY looked at my fingers and said since the rheumatoid thing came back negative the next step would be the EMG thing again and I said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo not if we don't have to so he suggested a placement for the electrodes on the TENS and to see if that works. If not I might have to have another of them. Here's hoping the TENS thing works.

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