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Hi all,
I too have been suffering with more extreme pain than usual but nothing like your "pain flashes" Will! I am counting the days until I see the Diabetic doc and my Rheum- all on the same day! I am not sure how I will make it 5 more days! There is absolutely no point in seeing my reg doc as she just says there is nothing she can do for me. My feet have gotten worse since I stopped the Cymbalta and all other meds. I won't take anymore antiseizure meds because of my extreme withdrawal from Cymbalta (which I can no longer afford) and it scared the pants off me.
Has any one ever had to go to the hospital because of the pain?
My husband really wanted to take me there last night as I was crying in so much pain. I am not so bad if I just stay on my feet, but the minute I sit down or lie down, the pain intensifies to the point where I don't know if I can stand up again.
Just a really, really bad couple of days!
Thanks for listening
have you tried lyrica i am on it for neuropathy and fibro myalgia i couldnt stand the neurontin and was on the cymbalta i became immuned to that quickly i hope it helps
Thanks to all who have responded to my previous post and to all who have shared their experience in the last few days. Welcome to idunno and kevin 57. This board helps a lot to feel less alone and to know others don't get much care from their neurologist. We are not wacko hypochondriacs. I am in minimal pain right now, especially compared to other's experience, but am trying to get through the fogginess and other effects of taking gabapentin (300 mg 2/day). Has anyone experienced better results with Lyrica over Gabapentin? I started on Cymbalta about a week ago too, but think my bad effects are from the gabapentin. I tried not taking a sleeping pill last night (Temazepan) and got little sleep, not because of pain but my brain seemed to be getting flashes of unconnected images and my shoulders and feet would jerk periodically. Kevin 57, I don't find that repeated use of a hand or foot has any effect. In fact, for me, so far, walking is not any more painful than just sitting (maybe because I think about the pain when sitting?). Does anyone else feel this way about sitting vs walking?

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