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i am just wondering considering how very contracted everything got if you have ever had your magnesium level checked out? i too have some severe spasticity from my spinal cord injury and the SNS damage from that too that triggered my RSD ,but what you just described is way beyond the "norm' for mere spasm.

my son,while going thru liver failure back in 99-2000 had alot of different metabolic issues which (during one week) was his low potassium which caused cramping in the muscles. the following week he went into exactly what you just described,out of the blue,his hands and arms just severely tightened/contracted up on him and he started violent snapping back and forth in his hands,then arms. it was unreal and just insane to watch this go on. i took him down the childrens hosp and they found his mag to be extremely depleted(for some stupid reason,they never actually checked that mag when they checked the potassium,duh). once we got him onto whats called " mag ox 400" like three times a day,everything went back to normal.

this is just one thing that could be actually behind some of the spasms you have been having all along too. the fact that the cold triggered this really is not that unusual? i have thuis same reaction when cold hits me and i start to just shiver? i too will get alot of increased spasms,mostly in my legs. but you are describing something really intense here that could be from another reason completly. i would seriously see your primary and just simply have the metabolics checked out,the postassium and the mag espescially are crucial right now. they can "right" this if this is what is causing it. i never ever would have believed what actually was possible with just a really low mag level if i had not witnessed what happened to my son,it was just THAT totally insane to see this. this is just something that really needs to be checked out before anything else gets done. its the basics here ya know? i do hope things are okay. please keep me posted on just what you find out and how you are doing with this. what you experienced is just wayyy beyond 'spasm",you had actual severe "contortions" of body parts. this just could be very simply explained by bloodwork. good luck,Marcia

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