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I do agree with feelbad about your mag and potassium levels.It has been in my experience that your spasms can be WAY worse if those levels are very low.Don't forget about calicium and vitamin D. They are not the same thing and in order to have your body properly dispense the calicium you need the vitamin D.I completely know what you mean about it feeling like charlie horses only worse.It's very painful. I have gone through simular things when it comes to my spasms but only in my left leg where the rsd is. My pm doc has told me that since your body is constantly trying to fight this disease and heal it's self that it uses more of those key vitamins so you lose them more quickly then a normal person would. Since then I have started to take those four vitamins and have seen much improvement with not only the spasms but controlling them so they don't get to that point where i'm stuck twitching for hours in horrible pain.We have to keep our bodies as healthy as possible since it takes such a tole to be able to fight daily. You are in my thoughts.I know how it feels laying in bed crying because your body is going nuts on you.It's not only tiring but very frustrating.The daily pain that comes with rsd is enough to deal with without having all these other problems pop up because our bodies are taking all the available resources to protect it's self from this disease. I hope you get some well needed relief. Stay warm,

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