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Re: Swelling
Apr 28, 2009
Hi Harmony and Deb,

Thanks for the info on St. John's Wort ! It is good to hear positive feedback about it, and that you've tried it with good results!!...I read that it is also very good for nerve pain as well as seratonin levels !!!! I am definitely going to start as soon as I find out the appropriate dose with one seems to know!! But I will keep digging for info..
There is a huge vitamin/ natural food store locally called the Harvest House and they have consultants on staff to ask..that's my next stop...Sheesh!! I hope they have the info!! Otherwise I'll have to write to the St John's Wort farm !! lol

I am sorry to hear about the spike in pain..What is your doc saying about the increase? I hadn't seen many posts from you so I was hoping things were better! In one of your last posts you wrote of a bike ride!! That must have been great!!
When I walk, that is when the foot really swells..I guess any movement or use is translated as pain by our vigilant sympathetic nerve which is working over-time!! I wish it would retire, already!! But for some reason the warm water therapy has reduced overall swelling..The Cymbalta made me feel hyper and hypo at the same time and like I didn't belong in my body...Despite my pain, I still want to feel like I belong to my body.. lol
I hope you can get some WARM WATER pool therapy (92 dgrees) It has been the most helpful thing for me thus far. Let me know if you get it authorized!!

Hugs to all,

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