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Hi Lunessa,
My RSD started with an left foot ankle injury (Aug. 2006) and surgery (Feb. 2008)

Now I get burning in both feet and legs and also in my mouth and parts of my face....
The Neurontin helps, elevating my legs, epson salts lotion ( I got it online--it's called Epsom-it) and as of late I've been doing warm water aqua therapy in a 92 degree therapy pool one or twice a week which has been sooooo helpful, both physcially and mentally. I work full time and I have bad days and horrible days and some good days.

I also take 2000 mg of vitamin C every day and a vit. B12 , B6 folic acid supplement. I don't know how long I've had the RSD..but I was formally diagnosed 8 months ago..
Walking is very hard for me, and this has changed my life, my identity, etc......I see a pain psychologist and this helps a lot!! (but nothing will take the place of walking along the beach...)

What kind of pills are you taking that aren't working for you?
Have you talked to a pain management doc about changing your meds? I hope you are getting some physcial therapy....if not, ask for it!!
I hope your RSD stabilizes and don't give up the hope of it getting better!
There are some terrific people on this supportive and kind.
Wishing you well,
hugs, Tigerlily

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