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Hi all,
Ugh..the rough days are back again...
I've had burning in my problem left foot and leg and also in the good right foot and leg, but this week was the first time I had regular pain in my good right foot and it seemed to mirror the exact pain in my RSD left foot... I was crying last night because I was so scared that a mirror spread haad really set in. The aches felt like the gowing pains in my legs I used to get when I was about 7 or 8 years old...
Now both feet and legs not only burn, but they also ache and hurt...

I went to my pain psych today on my lunch hour from work and was able to vent (cry) and express my least it made my head feel better to let it all out..
I am hoping this is just a temporary flare up in my good leg....
On the brighter side, I think the ins. approved a little motorized scooter. I haven't had a life because walking has become so hard.

I, too, hurt a lot more when the weather is cold and damp..but mostly I hurt if I walk...I wish I were a bird...:angel:

I know the feeling of being caught in the middle of RSD with no options for surgery..but that's according to one doctor. I have read about people who do have surgery with RSD and with positive results because correct protocol was followed. Some people have discovered with surgery that it wan't RSD at all but it was nerve entrapment instead.
There are so many unknowns with this.

Are your braces soft fabric or hard braces. I can't emphasize enough how fortunate you are to have this wonderful team who is treating both the body and the mind and brain!! I am very happy for you!

Here' hoping for many days when you don't have to wait too long for handicap carts in the store!! and of course, here's hoping we may never have to use them again!

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