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tigerlily, my TTS was diagnosed by sonogram and tinels test, along with another test. I cannot remember the name though. (the nurse poked me with a needle and I pressed a button when I felt it) It also showed up on MRI too, so I really know what I have going on.
Earlier last year I hurt my back and I needed PT. I had a hard time with it because of the pain and pressure it put on my feet. The end of PT occurred when I was hit on when getting a back massage. I was astonished and scarred. I never went back. My DH has a stationary bike in storage. I am thinking about bringing it home. We also have a treadmill but that is out of the question for me.
Before my Fibro was diagnosed I went to a PM Dr and they kept sticking me in the back with no relief and just more pain. He would never give me anything stronger that Ultram. What a joke!
Yes, my nerves are screaming as well as trying to kill me.
Before I saw my current Podiatrist I went to another one for 6 months. He not once did the first test and he told me I had plantar fasciitis. He gave me 6 or 7 shots in my feet that never helped and he would not give me any pain killers. I cannot take NASIDS, asprin, cymbalta, lyrica, effexor, neurontin...ect. I am very sensitive to a lot of meds. The last straw with this quack was when I had to see him by emergency. I left work and I cried all the way there and the whole time I was there. Finally when I saw him he said there was nothing he could do for me and I needed to see a neurologist and he left the room. The receptionist asked me if I had to go back to work. Hello lady...if I don't work I'll get fired. I have always wanted to go in his office and tell everyone waiting that he is a QUACK! Okay enough of my bitching for now.
I hope everyone has a great holiday this weekend. :) :angel:
God bless our troops and may we remember and respect.

Take care,

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