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Hi Alli
It sounds like what they were trying to do at the pain clinic last year was give you a lumbar sympathetic nerve block which is often the first line of treatment in slowing down the RSD. But it's interesting that it didn't give you any relief and only caused pain. It could be that the pain is not sympathetically maintained.... I had the same experience after my fourth nerve block. It caused a huge flare-up but I tried a fifth one which didn;t do much but my pain doc said she thinks she missed the spot!! Good grief!!

My only guess as to why they denied you an appt. other for insurance reasons is that if that doc specializes in Fibro, maybe he didn't want to deal with the possibility of RSD...

At least you have one doc who is on your side and is willing to listen to you and help you. hopefully he can prescribe some meds for pain. In the meantime it would be a good idea to sit down with him and develop a plan, with another referral to another pain doc. Keep trying until you get the relief you need.
I hope you get some rest and a good night's sleep!

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