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I, too, have RSD/CRPS. Started in right hand after carpal tunnel surgery. Spread up arm into shoulder and lower neck. Migrated to left hand and spread to match the right. I saw countless doctors in and out of state. No help, in fact, some said I needed psychiatric help! I'm sure many of you can relate. My opinion, only after trial and error treatments, meds, etc., is that I have no faith in rheumatologists, family MDs, or orthopods. RSD is NOT their specialty, nor do most know the signs/symptoms/severe pain involved with RSD. My neurologist diagnosed and sent me to a pain clinic. Terrible experience as they wanted to perform a block on the day of my initial exam!!! I refused and went home to research the MD who was to have performed the procedure. To my horror, I found MANY complaints of various types, comments from very unhappy patients, and a couple of pending lawsuits! Finally, I took my care into my own hands, found a reputable pain clinic, and double-checked each physician's bio, background, history at that clinic. I chose the anesthsiologist who had performed the most SGB (Stellate Ganglion Blocks) and read patient blogs about their success rates. After a very lengthy consultation, we decided on the SGB's. The first three blocks worked for a couple months each. Fourth didn't work at all. Fifth, and I'm pleased to say last, injection was in February of 2009 and I'm in remission bilaterally. Praise The Lord! Will my pain-free state last? Maybe, maybe not. My point is for those of you with, or think you may have, RSD/CRPS, please check out the following BEFORE you go any further in your quest for answers and help:

1) See an anesthesiologist at a reputable pain clinic FIRST for a correct diagnosis.
2) Research the physician's background and ask him/her how many procedures they've done regarding RSD treatment(s); ask about all options.
3) Do not be afraid to try blocks or other procedures if you're working with an RSD-qualified physician. I was given the option, if the SGBs didn't work, to get Lidocaine infusions in both arms.
4) Beware of the side effects of ALL medication(s) prescribed; some are actually worse than the pain you're in!
5) See a psychiatrist (best thing I ever did) and they can coordinate your pain management and treatment with your anesthesiologist. My psychiatrist is very well versed in RSD/CRPS and communicates on a regular basis with with my pain clinic/physician.

God Bless You & Good Luck!:angel:

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