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[QUOTE=RoseinSanDiego;4020011]Hi Deanne,
Thanks so much for your reply. It was so kind. I will definitely drink more COLD water. It's weird, I have RSD in both feet/ankles but the sweat literally drips down the middle of my back by about 10 am each day and I don't start working until 8. A few said that their RSD parts are the ones that sweat, but I don't have RSD in my back and yet that's what sweats, plus my neck -- That's why I'm giving thought of cutting my hair to a short bob, maybe. My feet are REALLY hurtin/achin today. I'm cleaning the grout of our kitchen floor and man oh man, it's so dirty. I use the summer to try and get the house in order so I am usually pretty busy getting things organized, cleaning things, etc etc. Sounds dull & boring, but I do appreciate the time to be able to get things done. My elbow is tennis elbow, although I don't play tennis since my high school years (I'm 49). My RSD doc sent me to ortho doc and that's what he says and he's reliable I'm told. Having PT on the elbow twice a week for 6 weeks then back to the ortho guy.
Let's hope we all get some relief from this awful stuff called RSD -
Bye for now,


Sorry to take so long getting back to you. And you are more than welcome for the reply I sent you. We all need to stick together. Emotional support is key when you are battling this war. I do get sweat around my leg that has the rsd but I get more every where else. I'm always changing my shirts,and I constantly feel self conscious about if I smell or not. I hate it!!
You cleaning is not boring and I'm happy for you that you do things to feel productive. There are so many times that this rsd knocks you down that you don't feel like a productive member of society. I completely understand. I used to be a very active person, but now I'm just glad when I can help my husband around the house or make a meal. It's very hard being only 23 and knowing that this is how it is now. No more going to work,no more spending the day on the lake or camping,etc. I think being able to do the little things,even if it's just organizing your house helps with moods and that constant emotional battle on trying to feel like you are doing some good. I hope you get some control with the sweating. It can be hard. And I agree with you about who wants to take a whole bunch of showers. There are some days that there is nothing more that I would love then to go in the shower and feel clean but can't move,can't stand and definitely can't handle the water hitting my leg. Have a good weekend. Happy 4th! and try and have a pain free day :)

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