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[QUOTE=Reiannasmommy26;4027249]Good Morning East Coasters, Good Night West Coasters! I am back on the Lyrica, The lady at my PC said If you are having that much problems please stop the Topo NOW. I loved it! So I went to the Dr. He couldn't do it because only a Vascular surgen can do it, so now I have to wait until the 28th to find out if they want to kill me early blah. But I will go. I will listen. I'm sure they wont do it to me. I mean I'm 27 I'm a mom, I don't plan on dying in the next couple years so. I go to the PC tomorrow. I'm a little scared. A month ago, I caught my baby toe on the corner of the coffee table it turned black and blue and was sore but I thought nothing of it, well yesterday it started to swell and burn a little. It's not horriable pain. It feels like what my other foot felt like when my right foot started. I just don't want him to be a jerk to me :( It can do that right? It's not my mind over reacting.. It can jump from one leg to another. Not my mind playing tricks on me?[/QUOTE]


I have heard of people hurting them selves in another part of their body that doesn't have rsd and then getting it there too. I have a REALLY good rsd doc here in washington and he's always telling me to be very careful not to injure my self with blunt force because it can cause rsd in that spot depending on how hard you hit it. Hopefully that isn't the case with your foot. I know how hard it can be when it's in your foot too. I have it in my left foot and it's like walking in glass with wet shoes on. Don't ask,lol that's just the way it feels. You may want to bring that up to your doctor and hopefully he's not a jerk to you. You know some if you can find some proof that it can spread like that through various health websites maybe he will be more open to what you are saying and actually listen to you.
Have a good day and a pain free day(as much as possible)

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