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Hi everyone, I hope that everyone is doing well. I just have a question. When they put you on Topamax is it normal for them to take you off Lyrica? The new Pain Dr took me off from the lyrica and put me on the Topamax and baclofen. And now he's talking about a sympathectomy. Anyone heard of that or had that done? It just sounds pretty harsh.. They gave me another injection today so. Blah.. I'm going to lay down I'm pretty tired from the meds they gave me for it. I would appreciate any advice
You two are amazing! Thank you so much, I walked out of there thinking if wow if this was so great why doesn't everyone not know about this and have this done? Yes Karen please get me all the info you can, I want to go in there armed with all info I can.. I don't like the Topamax as much as the Lyrica.. The Topamax doesn't help my nerve pain as much I don't feel, but doesn't make me as hungry. I do notice this nerve block didn't help as much either.. It only took my pain down to a 4 and only for a couple days and is back up to a 7 today. I'm so glad I did come here to find out about the sympathectomy before I just along with it

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