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Hi Martha, yes the lack of mobility is the reason you're losing muscle strength. Especially if like in my case were everytime I would try and extend my arm, pain would shoot up my arm. I still remember the first time my arm experience it, it was like someone had snapped my arm into. Everytime I would move it any it was extremely painful and I went to the Urgent Care but they didn't find no reason for my arm to re-act that way.

I never realize that Cervical Dystonia had done started working on the right side of my neck. I got that from severe whip lash almost 20 yrs ago. The muscles started getting tight on the right side of my neck and then started pulling the left muslces over to the right side. It also pulled on the muscle in the top part of left arm. Then eventually the pain started in my left arm which was due to severe nerve damage caused by an accident 25 yrs ago.

I was in a bad car accident which broke my right arm into and caused the turn signal to go through my left hand. I still to this day have the whole in the middle of my hand and along with that alot of nerves got severed. Apparently when they grew back, they grew by incorrectly so to speak which causes them to misfire. So there's where I got the RSD from

Fortunately, I recently completed a rehab work assignment at the local vocational rehab center and learned that I can actually do a little something still. My hands are still in good shape and I found there are some jobs that I can do. For the last 3 months now I've been working at a local fast food place where I work in the lobby. I only put in about 20-24 hrs a week but I enjoy doing it. I didn't think I would ever work again but I'm doing it. My kids kept telling I needed to get out of the house and do something or at least try since I have along time since there's no recovery from this.

I have to agree with Karen, I wouldn't worry about what the PT girl said. Besides she's not no doctor but if you're not satisfied with the way this one handles your condition, you always have to option to find one who will.

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