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Dear Tigerlily11 and Lissa;

I want to thank you (and everyone who has reply) very much for your comments, it really means the world to me that you take the time to welcome me and answered to my post.

Right now I feel like I have accepted my condition (a little) and I'm doing as much as I can to take care of it. it is so amazing how your life can change completely in a such a short time. The thing that is really bothering me right now is how to deal with my family, I feel like they don't really understand this condition and like they get tired of listening to me complaining, so I try not to say anything anymore. Also they do not know how this condition affects us and when I try to explain to them is like they cut me off and change the subject....I feel like they do not belive how much in pain I am.

Also, today I had PT and my therapist told me that my arm is scarring again and getting stiffer again, she said its really that got me very sad and depress. I will see my neurologist next tuesday to get results of a nerve conduction test that my surgeon requested, and then on wednesday I will see my surgeon and on thursday my anestesiologist.....this desease makes your life so busy with docs and PT appointments all the time....I'm so exhausted, mentally and phisicaly...

I have a couple questions that I hope you can help me with. Tigerlily11 and Lissa I'm taking advantage of your offer, I hope this is not too much....sorry

1. How do you know when RSD is spreading? I have been having horrible burning in my upper back and my right knee, this is all new, I only had the burning, the pain, the change in color (my arm is very pale in comparison to the other one and very cold) and the temperature change in my shoulder, scapula, bicep, forearm and hand. does this mean it's spreading?

2. I have a spot the size of my hand in my right middle back right next to the spine that is num, completely num and it itches a is not like an open sore it's just num and itches. Has anyone heard of this before?

3. I read that you get skin sores from RSD/CRPS.....I have had for a couple moths now a, I don't know how to call it...maybe a sore in my armpit that again irches a lot...etc. but in difference with the spot in my back this ones hurts, peels off, burns and it gets somethimes so bad that it looks like pure flesh and after about a week it gets better, and the cycle continues....gets bad and get good...but it is always there even when it dries and heals still pills a lot and looks like a big spot of very dry skin. also my legs skin has gotten so dry and broken and shiny and it peels like when you have dandruff but on your legs and arm (the bad one-right) but no swelling, only occasionally.

Again, sorry for how long this is taking, I just want to learn as much as I can and I feel this is the only place you can get real answers because the doctors just look at it and say nothing much, like just put this cream on or I don't know what it could be....etc.

Last question (promise)

4. who is the RSD/CRPS specialist? is it a anestesiologist? is it a rheumatologist, is it an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist????

Tigerlily11, I do have the lidocaine patches, but they help very little. I still used them. A little is better than nothing. I also started to see a phyche therapist...I will see her again also on Tuesday.

Lissa I'm using the one that you put in the microwave and that also helps a little, I also have a jacuzzi tub in my bathroom and I get in often as it helps me a lot with the pain and also it relaxes me, and I do get how you feel about the stupid pain scale

thank you so much in advance for your help. I thank God I found you guys...

I wish you all the best and apain free day...hugs and kisses, Martha

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