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Cardshark, Thank you for posting that. I read it and sent it to my mom, who is my best friend, my ride to my dr appts, my when mommy can't play with you right now, she's the grandma that takes my daughter to the park. My mother and my honey is what makes my life. My daughter also. The rest of my family has a hard time understand. My cousin had a broken leg once and told me well be lucky that your leg isn't broken. I had to laugh really, I think I might have shot diet coke out of my nose. I told her at least your leg, will get better, in a couple months you will be up walking,running, and going on with your life. I will still be stuck with this walker, the pain, and the realization that I can't work. It shut her up pretty quick. I am also lucky I have a great PT who is trying her hardest to get my now club foot from the RSD to go a little straighter and to be able to walk a little better. Of course I can't forget about all of you, which with out the support and info I get from you all, I would be lost.

My heart goes out to people who aren't as lucky as I am to have the at home support system, I couldn't imagin the pain your heart must feel to say my family doesn't understand. Sadly enough they will never understand no one could even start to. With what we have, we are lucky enough to have a couple good hours every once in a while. Keep your chin up. And remember you are never alone, we are right here with you fighting for you as much as we are ourselves. Keep praying and the hope that one day, they will find that magic thing that will cure us.

Much Love and Respect

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