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Hello popstardiva,
No, your post wasn't too harsh. But, I said a few things the wrong way. I don't want or need a new car. The point I was trying to make was that to me, any MD who doesn't take insurance seems greedy. However, you are right. Dr. Prager has taken an interest in RSD and ketamine and he deserves alot of credit for that since there's only a few doctors that do the infusions. He actually called me today at around 4 and we talked for almost an hour. He didn't want me to think badly of him and he wanted to talk to me about things. He shared with me that, depending on my PPO that my insurance would pay anywhere from 80 to 320.00 of that $495.00 consultation fee. He told me that there will be a ketamine study coming out in around 6 months so hopefully if it shows promising results, then maybe insurance would be much more likely to pay. I think he said that Dr. Swartzman is the one doing the study. He says there's virtually no negative side effects anymore so that seems like really great progress. He was a very nice guy actually and so I'm thinking about things more. I asked about staying up there -- Hotel, etc etc and he said he likes to start the infusion at 7:30 am and we're about 2 hours away. Most are discharged between 1 and 3 the same day.
Your point of view did make me think. Like you mentioned, I think we're at difference places.
I hope all of you have much less pain this coming week. Let's do our best to stay


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