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Sorry about the spelling if I got it wrong, my neurologist seems to think that my seizures may be morphine related and my baclofen is no longer working so I will have no pain or spasm control. I was wondering if anyone has had one and if it works?

On a side note, is this legal??? My psychologist threw a hissy fit over the counter in the lobby at me when I was upset about him not calling me back in a day and a half when I called and left a message saying I THINK I need to cancel our appointment if we can't get the insurance billing straightened out because I can't take it anymore can you please call me. (I've been working harder than his own billing staff and his only reply was to file an appeal to the insurance company) When I showed up I'd finally gotten things straightened out with the insurance people and he heard me telling the receptionist I was upset about him not being bothered to call me back, things I would say to his face too, he came from around the corner where he'd been listening, interrupted me and the receptionist trying to find and appointment and got really mad, I thought he actually might jump over the counter and grab me he was so p***ed. He told me I don't need another appointment and not to bother his group either as I'm not a good fit after our last conversation. (I found a way to stay where I am rather than the religious run homeless shelter he's been pushing on me and refused to change lawyers in the middle of a SSD case as I've already signed contracts) Here's my problem, my PM demands I see a "Pain Psychologist", I'm not having any luck finding anyone else out there with that title, I've found a clinical social worker that does pain management and that's about it, I keep being referred back to this group. I can find psychologists that work with pain management but aren't "Pain Psychologists". Is this little racket allowed?

I'm out of a pain clinic either way as he won't even see me, I got the nurse practitioner after 5 months of no appointments. She's new and knows nothing about me and cut my baclofen dose by 2/3 for a week to see if it still works because I told her I didn't think it was working anymore. I asked isn't that dangerous and she assured me no, it isn't she does it all the time and you have nothing to worry about with baclofen?!? She's not the one with the sweats and chills and wanting to throw up. Going back tomorrow to see what they say since I said I wanted to be taken off both at the same time because I'm only doing this once.

Just needed to rant and really interested if anyone has tried the sympathectomy (sp) and if it's worth trying. I was taking 90 mg of baclofen daily and do take 90mg of morphine daily and don't think that is doing much good either. Am I just supposed to live like this? I don't have the 14-24 more months SSD seems to think I have to wait for a trial, quite honestly.

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