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I have had some skin issues because of the rsd. Nothing like you describe. Well not as bad anyway. The red blotches my doctor says is because of the rsd,almost everyone has some sort of discoloration. I have also been getting these rash like things. My doctor told me is was due to all the sweating I do because of the amount of pain I'm in. None of these have become open wounds but can still hurt and itch. Most of my left leg is just covered in red and purplish blotches and my leg gets very dry and flaky because I cant rub lotion on because the touch hurts to much. The one thing that has helped with my rash like blotches is honey. I know it sounds weird but it DOES work. Honey is a natural anti bacterial and when used like neosporin it can help a lot. I would consult with your doctor of course. I just put it on the areas that are bad and lay a cloth or bandage on top. I can't use bandaids because removing them cause way more pain than good. I'm not sure how else I can answer your questions or if it's even a help.
I'm sorry you have this problem. This disease seems to never let up on the problems it causes in our lives. I truly hope you get the answers you need and the relief.

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