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can i take tramadol and norco together at the same time
i'm a little confused cause your heading says whats the difference between norco and percocet? were you prescribed to take both? if not i would ask your doctor because you don't want to get the wrong answer that would be my suggestion
yea, i am a bit confused here too? just EXACTLY what meds are you referring to here? the heading meds are just very different than the comparrison meds stated in your post? if you could simply clarify,that would be just ducky for us. marcia
[QUOTE=CA450921;4099726]can i take tramadol and norco together at the same time[/QUOTE]

As always you should consult with your doctor but tramadol can usually be used with norco. Is it the norco 10/325?
I have heard of people using both. If you have just started taking tramadol there are things to look for. It can make you sick after a while of taking it. It can build in your liver and cause discomfort. You can get to the point of the tramadol making you throw up. I used to be on tramadol and darvocet but the tramadol would make me very very sick.I'm now on a lot stronger of meds because of my crps spreading and getting worse.
There are a few different sites that you can go to that will tell you about using both and has blogs of people who have taken both and personal side effects. One way of finding things like that is just googling norco and tramadol. You don't have to put the milligrams in but it does help to narrow your search. Just remember to do your research and before jumping the gun talk with your doctor about all your options and things you're concerned about with side effects. Every ones body works differently and you always want to have an open relationship with your doctor about the meds you are on and any concerns you may have.
Tramadol is a lot like percocet,same as darvocet too. Similar, just some work quicker and/or are stronger.

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