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Ok so my doctor referred me to go to the rehab institute of seattle. My rsd in the last year has not only spread but has gotten worse on the pain scale too. I'm really far from the point of no return. Most doctors say that you have to do heavy treatments in the first 6 months of being diagnosed to see any out standing results in reversing the rsd and i'm going on 3 years this spring having the rsd.
Has anyone gone to this institute? I've done some research on them but i'm still worried about going through with it.
I'm not quite sure of the medical term for the treatment but it is a steriod therapy with a catheter in your back for 1 week. Recovery takes another 3 weeks at the hospital learning how to walk normal and exercising your body back to a good strength.
If this treatment sounds like something any of you have gone through I would like any input. I'm just trying to make the best decision for me and my family. I don't live in seattle so it would be quite a drive for me to get there. I am going through w/c self insurance so everything would be paid for and I'd be reimbursed for gas to drive there. That really isn't my main concern anyway. I'm just scared. I've been told for over a year there is nothing else that I can do to be better and not be in pain. And now there may be a chance but it's risky and can make you sick and have a tough time recovering. My immune system isn't the best so that scares me too.
Sorry to be rambling on. I just need some answers. I need to know I'm making the right decision and not something that will make me worse. I don't think I could handle anymore bad news about this rsd. In 3 years I went from being a newlywed in her 20's doing everything and anything,and now I can't even open a fridge door without wanting to buckle down in a fetal position and cry.
Is it worth the risk?
Thanks for the reply's ahead of time. I know the people on here can be great for support and I've always felt that we're all in it together. Thanks for reading this post and letting me have a shoulder to cry on
Take care and stay warm,

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