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Hi my first post folks and hope for some help and experience's. Basically i broke my fibula in 2 places no surgery required also fractured my ankle and dislocated my foot in a soccer accident. I required ankle syndesmosis surgery with tightrope fixture. The accident occured 3 and a half months ago and first had surgery 1 week after accident. After 7 week i was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and had a clot in my broken leg and have been on warfarin since to thin the blood and will be for a while till the clot dissolves.

Anyway i've had the screw removed from the ankle syndemosis surgery and they have diagnosed me with Chronic Regional Pain syndrome from my left knee to foot, which was the injury site. I'm currently on oxynorm and lyrica tablets as well as my warfarin. I was just wondering what the future holds for me as i'm in constant agony and with it been my foot and ankle it affects me constantly and the pain never goes away. I'm due to start hydratherapy and am currently seen orthopidic doctors and pain management people and still in regular phyisotherapy. I'm only 31 years old and was megafit and had a very active lifestyle as well as a wonderful understanding wife and 3 little girls. Basically i've been told there is no cure but can't understand how much this is gonna affect the rest of my life, i also drive for a living and its gonna be hard to get back driving. Any insight or advice in to this chronic disease would be very helpful as there is very little info available here in Ireland on the condition.

Thanks in advance for any comments and all types of comments are very welcome. Yours Irish...
Thanks guys for your help and support. I have had some sessions of hydrotherapy, phisiyo, and occupational threapy. My pain is still as bad as ever and weather conditions are starting to get cold in Ireland, i find i'm very sensitive to the cold. I don't think they are considering surgery as they said they are concentrating on getting the pain under control. I have spoke to my wife and i'm considering travelling to the U.S.A for treatment, im going to do some research on clinics for treatment.Just to add as well they changed my dose of meds to 20mg of oxynorm 5 times daily and 1 300mg tablet of lyrica one a day, does this sound right to you?? Also my foot looks normal again but can sweat like hell and burns like hell, does this happen as well??
Thanks Harmony for that super post, you really are a great help and i appreciate it. Just wondering about the medication is it enough because i'm getting very little relief, i was told Lyrica can take months to work?? Just a reminder i'm on 20mg of oxynorm 5 times a day and 1 300mg tablet of lyrica. I'm also getting very depressed very quick as i'm hurting alot should i raise this issue with my G.P..............Thanks Again Irish

You are more than welcome for the post. I am a BIG believer in all of us needing to be there for each other what ever way possible,even if just to vent. I do think that any time you are unhappy with the way you are feeling you should talk with your doctor. It's very important that you have an open relationship and you both know where each other stand. I can't stress enough on the fact that the doctors are working for you,not the other way around. Especially when you are starting to have depression because of the amount of pain you are in. Having a positive mood can help more than you would think. It can take time for the lyrica to start to work where you actually notice a difference in your pain. Not every ones bodies work the same and some people can take even longer. I think you should talk to your doctor about maybe adding somethings to help with the pain. It is very important that you limit as much as possible any excess pain. I have heard in many cases and from the doctor that diagnosed me that any "extra" pain can lead to flare ups,those flare ups can sometimes contribute to more nerve problems and possibly even minor spreading. I've read many studies on that happening to people also. If you are getting little relief from your meds your doctors need to know that and they need to help you with some sort of pain management.That is what they are there for,to help you and make sure you are as comfortable as you can be. There are some things that you can do that don't involve meds that may also help. Some people can get relief from hot baths, hot tubs and in some cases if you can stand the touch there are heat wraps and heating pads. My doctor(s) have always stressed to me that most of the time people with rsd have the opposite reaction towards heat like someone who doesn't have rsd reacts to ice. It can help with swelling and pain in most cases. It does depend on what you personally can handle when it comes to your rsd. If you react well to heat it might be something for you to consider.
I do hope that you start to make some progress in getting the pain under control,as much as you can anyway.
I hope that it will help with being depressed too. I've been down that road and it's not easy. If I can be of any help at all,if you have any questions please let me know. I will answer as best I can and give you any advice I can. There is hope,there are ways to live with this disease and put up the good fight.
Take care and stay warm,
I have been suffering for 8 yrs now. Pain started in my right arm... was diagnosed with carpal tunnel... many cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory & then finally surgery. 6 months later... pain was not gone... worsened & moved up the arm. Was then told I had 'tennis elbow'. More cortisone.. more anti-inflamatory and again eventually surgery. Meanwhile... pain has moved into left arm. Pain is 24-7... never eases up. I am on 450 mg of Lyrica per day & oxycocet for the pain. My family dr has now prescribed efexr (anti-depressant) as the pain is taking over my life and depression is setting in. The Lyrica helps somewhat... not necessarily with the pain... but with sleep. Prior to the Lyrica... was sleeping between 1-3 hrs a night... and broken sleep at that. Now I'm able to get between 3-5 hrs a night and not quite as broken. The anti-depressants I have only been taking for a little over a month... have not noticed any difference with my state of mind as of yet. I used to lead a very active lifestyle... now it's a chore to get out of bed in the morning. I am no longer able to work and am struggling to make ends meet due to this fact. I live in a very small remote community in northern Ontario Canada. Our medical profession is very small & unfortunately not very advanced. I have yet to get any type of diagnosis. The pain persists & worsens continuously! I'm at my witts end... Any Canadians with suggestions on where to go in Canada to seek medical attention? Any information would be helpful. Thanks

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