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Oct 28, 2009
I'm so glad to find a site that others understand how i'm feeling.I have a close family but i my sister makes me feel like its not that bad. a year ago i was a nurse injured at work and had-elbow tendon tear. going to PT & was healing well. one day after therapy my elbow swelled with a new effusion. and EMG showed pinched radial nerve. within a few weeks had burning, hand turning purple and cold, my kids would call me dragon lady b/c my nails were thick and growing like crazy. family dr. said he agreed with both injuries & needed surg. but also thought i should look into RSD. Went to ortho dr. who agreed and did both surgeries but he never mentioned RSD. Was on lyrica 300/day and vicodin prn. started therapy and hand would still turn mottled and cold. not able to do much at therapy but seemed to be getting worse-therapist acted as if i was causing it -"what did you do" i would say nothing. weining me off lyrica my pain got worse. sent me to pain dr and he said you have RSD! ortho didnt believe it so sent me for EMG of ulnar nerve. EMG dr was also a pain dr. who immediately said you have RSD and ulnar nerve was negative. ortho dr still wont call it RSD. I had 6 stellate blocks. 1st worked the best 8days and then not much. on Lyrica 250mg, cymbalta 30, kadian 20 and lidoderm. im small and it knocks me out, cant concentrate. gained 9lbs and constipated(now on amitiza) my therapist are not up to date on CRPS2. kind of feel they think they dont believe me and its a psych issue. now i am trialing SCS til fri. and it is helping but at times i get stim in all 4 extremities! Does anyone know cons of SCS. of course SCS rep tells only + things. is it common with permanent SCS to get in other ext. or is it really positional(i find if i bend head current gets alot stronger.) dr. said he would need to put battery in butt since my back is thin- can you feel it when sitting or lying? see it? do leads move or brake? anyone know or know were i can find info on cons of SCD? cant decide if i should get the implant. Did i mention it is my dominent arm. Have 4 kids and feel helpless.

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