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I have taken ketamine both as IV infusions and in pill form. Unfortunately neither worked very well for me. I did three rounds of IV infusions. The first was a three day trial. I did get relief but it only lasted for 24 hours. The second round was five days with two infusions twice a day and I also received lidocaine and magnesium. It worked a little better and I had about 50% relief for two weeks and I also began taking ketamine in oral form at this time--taking 100mg twice a day. The last round was also a five day trial with ketamine twice a day and lidocaine and magnesium. I continued the ketamine tablets for another three months. I only got relief for about 24-48 hours with the last infusion. With that said there are other patients at the clinic I went to that had great responses to ketamine. Like everything else with RSD it is very individual.
Currently I am on a combination of anti-epileptics (Topamax and Zonegran). I am allergic to neurontin and lyrica. anti-inflammatories (Tolmentin), anti-depressants (cymbalta) , pain killers (nucynta, methadone, fentanyl patches), bone builders (calcium, miacalcian) all for RSD then I am also on others for sjogrens and palindromic rheumatism and other health issues. Way too many pills and not near enough pain relief!!!


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