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welcome to the boards! I was 25 when I was diagnosed and am almost 27. We all know what it is like to have friends and family not understand what you are going through and to say it is in your head, your exagerating, it can't be that bad, etc. but know that is not true and you are not alone!

For me, the RSD started in my knee and lower leg (mainly the saphenous nerve) and in a year and a half has spread to basically my entire body although my left knee is the worst. I can tell you from having other chronic medical conditons including cancer 4 times that the pain from the others is nothing compared to the pain from RSD. I can be sitting in my room and a truck go by and the vibration of the truck on the road sends my pain through the roof.

If it was not for this website and group of wonderful and caring individuals I have no doubt I would have ended my life by now. My family says they understand and some of them try to be supportive but they can't really because they have no clue what it is truly like.

Hang in there and ask any questions you may have! We are all here for you!!

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