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hello everyone, just came across this while doing research on crps.
beginning 2005 age 16 i was dignosed with this disease. i had slightly sprained my middle finger tenpin bowling, went to doctors got it tapped, about a week later when it was suppose to be getting better it felt worse and my hand was visably swollen, then had xrays wasnt broken so DR just thought the sprain was worse then what she had origanally thought. anyway pain got worse and worse my doctor was very good ordering blood tests mri scans everything she could to find out the problem, after the scan however the specialist had told me its all in my head and will come right in a couple of days, when my doctor heard of this i got reffered to different specialist who reffered me on again, i finally had a diagnosis after 2 months and a half and i know i am very lucky to have it diagnosed so soon!! i started physical therapy straight away i could do nothing with my right hand without a flare up, i couldnt even pick up a pencil, so i had a writter at school to help me with my work, the pain was so intense sometimes i would often think having no hand would be better. i am a keen athlete and this stopped me doing anything, even running would cause a flare up. as well as the PT i took different anti inflams and other pain releivers, i also was prescribed amitryptelyne, i hated taking it after a while i started feeling as though i needed it all the time plus the DR upped my dossage to help me cope, i got anxious i would become addicted and stared worrying over lots of little things so i threw those drugs away, i was determined to beat this, after 4 PT sessions a week for a few months i started getting into remission, by the end of the year my hand was almost fully funtionable however just tired easily.
2006 i moved to a diff town my hand was fine.
since this happened to me i feel quite anxious a lot of the time, even about going to the doctors to talk bout it. its now 2009 im 21 and although the pain is not as bad i feel it creeping back, my hand randomally swells, stiffens changes colour and gets sore and i have to stop what im doing. i am currently working as a personal trainer and am just trying to come to terms with this is what it might be like for the rest of my life, and it could get a lot worse and im terrified, so just wanted to reach out and share my story and get some support from people who are going through the same, as i feel i cant talk to anyone home about it cause no one knows how bad it actually is and thinks i over exagerate. thank you all for reading my story

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