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[QUOTE=Kris with RSD;4133279]I have had RSD since April of this year. I have had many nerve blocks, all of which have failed and I have been in Physical Therapy since June. My RSD started in my lower left leg and foot. Since then it has spread into both legs and feet and is slowly moving up both legs to my hips. I don't know what to do anymore. I can barely clean the house, it takes me over a week because I can barely do one room at a time. I am no longer able to work either. I can only walk for short periods of time, can't stand very long. I use a cane now instead of crutches (I was on them until late August eary September), so that is a plus. I miss my life. I'm only 24 and am having to file for disability. My doctor has recently decided to stop all nerve blocks (don't know why he didn't do that earlier) and said he wants me to do P.T. for a couple of more months then do a Spinal Cord Stimulator. I am really scared. I've tried researching it online but Im still unsure about it. Has anyone out there had it done?? Is it dangerous?? I had a tonsillectomy that did not go well for me, so this is really freaking me out!! Someone please send me some information, especially if you have had to do this too. Thank you so much!!


I am also thinking of doing the SCS trial sometime next July, but I still
don't know if I really wan that thing implanted in my body for the rest of my
life. I just cannot see myself with that. I don't know if the SCS will prevent
me from doin any physical activities, bending down or even give me side effects such as more RSD or maybe even different side effects.
I am extremely tired of this RSD thing, it is hard and difficult to adapt to this new way oF life. I don't like seeing myself suffering from this nasty syndrome, and I don't like when my family members or people ask me about my leg. It's just annoying.
I've had RSD for two years, I had a tendon reconstruction surgery in my right ankle in 2008. I tear and roptured the tendons when I jumped out of a truck when I was in Iraq. There was a heavy firefight andy superiors told me to jump out the truck n to look for cover, but for my luck I fell in a ditch, and rolled and twisted my ankle severely. That's how the story began.
2 years later since the surgery the RSD pain has increased dramatically and the muscle mass in my entire right leg is dissapering. My leg is shrinking and shrinking more, I am tired of that. I cannot take it. Plus the discoloration and the temperature changes along with the excrutiating pain does not help me on my daily basis. At night is the worst, I have to put a very comfi pillow under my right foot to diminish the pain a little bit. But also gets red and very painful right before bedtime. It is stressing me out more and more.
Honestly, this RSD is killing my leg and o course me too because I'm the one who feels it every single day and nite.
I have to depend on my wife to help me move around, shower, driving and everthing else that requieres movement. I was a very indepedent person when I was in the Marines but now i'M frustated all day long. I hate using my cane to walk, but that's my only way to walk with a little less pain.
I'm going to do the SCS soon, and I hope it works. Can anybody tell me if this RSD goes away completetly or is it the pain that reduces?

I will keep fighting this RSD.



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