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Hi Everyone,

I've been reading your posts trying to get an idea if my symptoms are similar to yours. I've had 4 foot surgeries in the last 3 years to build arches in my extremely flat feet that were causing me pain, only to deal with chronic pain over a year after my last surgery. Both of my feet are in pain 24/7, preventing me from beginning a teaching career or even working full-time. The part-time work I do from home is even too much on most days, when I feel like I can't get out of bed. I usually describe the pain in my foot to be crushing, as if someone took a hammer to the top right below my toes. My feet always feel freezing too and there's numbness directly on my toes, esp the pinky toes. Another way I describe the pain is as if my feet were frozen in a huge block of ice then someone took an ice pick or sledge hammer to crack it open. Sorry to be so vivid, my b/f cringes when I describe it this way. Anyway, in the past 3 months, I seem to be getting progressively worse. Also, sometimes I have pain on the bottoms of my feet, as if there was a golf ball imbedded in the middle of my foot. So many different kinds of pain I'm dealing with all at once. Cramping will spread to my calves and up my leg on some days, making it feel like restless leg syndrome. Also all the muscles in my body (neck, shoulders, calves) are stiff, sore, and achey and I also have tendonitis in my ankles, left knee, and right elbow. I'm also wondering if maybe I had fibro since I have a ton of those symptoms as well. Aren't I a mess! Kaiser is taking their sweet time with diagnosing me and getting me proper care. I've just been enrolled into a new pain management program that starts in 8 days. This pain management department is in the same department as addiction medicine (what a coincidence!) and, if they didn't make me feel like a drug addict enough each time I go in (because I'm 25 and just too young to be feeling any of this and should just take an Advil), for each visit, every other week, pain management patients have to take a urine drug test, a breathalyzer, and you have to hand all your meds over in a plastic baggy so the doc can count your pills. I guess it's necessary these days to tighten up and make sure people aren't just in there for the wrong reasons, but it sure makes you feel like you're doing something wrong! Sorry to digress, just had to rant. It's been a hard (and painful!) last few months. I'm taking Percocet to manage pain and it's just not helping enough. It works slightly for about an hour, then the next 5 hours are just torture. I'm also taking Celexa, an anti-depressant, and Temazepam for insomnia/anxiety. Other than that, I've been a hermit and practically bedridden.

Thanks for all of your info, advice, and recommendations!


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