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Welcome to the boards Mona70! :wave:

Sorry to hear of the troubles you are having. I will tell you in my experiences with severe medical problems these boards can be a life saver!

RSD is like most other conditions in which everyone responds differently. Some may have 1 or 2 symptoms others may have 5 or 6. Most of the time people with RSD have the severe pain however I believe the last study I read about showed about 1-2% of the patients with confirmed RSD didn't have the severe pain. To answer your question about it getting worse unfortunately the answer is yes. RSD is a progressive condition which means if it goes untreated it can become more severe and/or spread. The symptoms you are having sound like other possible symptoms of RSD but like most symptoms they are symptoms of other things as well. Hopefully, if it is RSD you have, your doctor has diagnosed it early enough that treatment will work and it will go into remission.

I know that being in a cast can cause some redness, swelling, rash, numbness, etc. The cast traps heat in the confined area which can lead to the redness, rash, and swelling. The swelling can then lead to the numbness, etc.; however, normally after the cast is removed for a week or so the area should be back to "normal".

Again welcome to the boards! Hope I have answered your questions and feel free to post any additional ones you may have. We are all here for each oher. Hang in there and have a Merry Christmas:)
I broke my 5th met on Oct 31, it took 11 weeks to heal (in a cast for 6, boot for the rest of it), but I also hurt the area by my cuboid bone (tendons, etc.) The physiotherapist threw out the "RSD" thing to me today too b/c my foot is tender there (it's very inflamed!), which scared the he** out of me, and I'm still a bit scared about it, but everything I've read about RSD doesn't fit, except for the pain I'm having (I think the tendon was torn by my cuboid bone as I rolled my ankle over on the side of my shoe, so my cuboid bone had a `wedge`under it as I rolled). Yes, it is quite painful, but it's very localized to that one specific area, has never moved. I did have sensitivity to touch (blankets) at one point, but that was before the fracture was totally healed and I couldn't handle the weight of the blanket on my foot, but could handle a lighter blanket... I can now handle any blanket. My foot turns a bit red after a shower, but that's normal when you're not using your foot too, and the color goes away within a minute or two.

I find it ironic that some sufferers of RSD get NO diagnosis when they should have, and other doctors or physios are throwing out RSD as a diagnosis without doing the proper workups.

What I also found ironic is that the physio who mentioned RSD to me also suggested that at some point we would do the hot/cold water alternating therapy to get the swelling down (which in my reading is one of the WORST things to do for RSD!).

I have gone through all the symptoms, don't have shiny skin, changed color, the only time the pain increases is if I walk too much on it (I can walk on it but it gets sore after awhile)... no sweating, no freezing, etc.

Good thing I know not to take that and believe it's true or I'd have a few sleepless nights!

That said ... if it does develop into RSD, I'll know where to come!

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