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Savella anyone?
Jan 3, 2010
Hi everyone,
It's been a while since I posted but I had a question for you. Is there anyone with RSD who is taking Savella? If so, what are your thoughts? I've been on Lyrica 675 daily forever it seems (probably about 6-8 months) and got switched from Cymbalta to Savella. I take 2 Savella's daily and it sure seems that my pain level has increased ALOT! Also, I just had MRI of my left knee cuz I feel on it twice. I'm 200 pounds so yes, I'm a big momma and I hate it. I had 50 pound increase in weight after taking all these meds. I've gone from steroids, to massive Neurontin, to Lyrica and I have an appt for possible block (lower extremity) late January. My feet have hurt me so very badly the past few days that I was actually tempted to go to an ER but figured with the holiday, etc I would just grin and bear it. I've not ever gone to an ER, and I've had this RSD for 2 1/2 years -- What do they do if we show up at an ER? Seems all anyone can do is guesswork and treat the symptoms since there's not a cure. I'm still working 15 hours a week in the classroom. Since I fell around Thanksgiving, my left knee (my RSD began in left foot cuz of bad surgery outcome) has killed me so my RSD doc ordered the MRI, which I had last week. I'm assuming that if all is ok in my knee, then the RSD has spread to that area. I'm waiting to receive the results of the MRI.
My husband and I went up to UCLA around Thanksgiving time because I still need a plantar plate repair, but I'm unwilling at this time to take the risk of increased symptoms and increased pain of RSD. My RSD doc gave me 10-25% chance of increased pain for the rest of my life. Doesn't sound fun to me, so I'm gonna pass on the surgery. I live in the San Diego area and in July 2007 I went in for what was suppose to be the plantar plate repair -- unfortunately, it didn't happen and I now have RSD so I actually still need that surgery. Unless these researchers can figure out how to truly help us long term, I don't think I'll ever have surgery again.
I turned 50 this summer and things weren't suppose to be like this. My back has begun hurting me really badly and it's difficult for me to just get out of bed. Once I move around though, it seems to be ok so I'm grateful that it works itself out.
I will wait to hear from those of you who write me back. Thanks alot, I'm not in a good place right :( now so thanks for understanding.
Hi, I'm sorry but I don't have any info. on savella either. I have been on the Lyrica and Neurontin and completly understand the issue with the weight. I was 150 until I started the Neurontin and then the Lyrica now I am over 200 pounds for the first time ever, and I thought I was over weight at 150 - what I would give to be 150 pounds right now. Is your doctor ordering the savella to try to relieve the rsd pain or is it for another symptom. I can't say I had even heard of it until your post. I have been to the ER but it was in the very beginning when we didn't have a clue what the problem was. My GP told me to go to the ER because my knee was 5 timesthe size it should have been and nothing I did would get the swelling down. I was already scheduled for an MRI the following day but GP wanted me to go to the ER and said they would just do it there that night instead of waiting until tomorrow. I got there and they saw I was scheduled for MRI the next day and they gave me med for the pain and swelling and sent me home with crutches and said to have my MRI as scheduled the next day. Needless to say I was ticked! So I personally am not one that would recommend trying the ER and there is no way I would have gone over the holidays because that is when the worst doc's and the bottom of the totem pole are working and you really wouldn't have gotten anywhere and just wasted your time and money. I hope the Savella helps and keep us posted. I will also tell you to feel free to vent. We all understand to a degree what you are going through and know how important it can be to have someone to talk to that has been there!
Hang in there!!

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