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Hi Sandy

I had a Phentolamine Infusion it was done by IV it only took 10 minutes to get into the system It started with a massive head rush and could feel the blood going round my head and in the end my head felt like it was being banged against the bed, this eventually went off and I must admit I did feel a small bit of relief, I then had to complete a form writing down every 5 minutes a score of 1 - 10 of the pain level. This I had to do for an hour. It got to 6 and then that was it, I thought I could cope with this but then I stood up - Oh **** The pain in my feet and the hot needles and pain shooting up my leg I thought great back to normal, When I got home I dont know if it was the build up to having this done but I was really ill, had a terrible upset stomach and the sweats and chills, they have only just worn off. I am trying a different infusion on the 31st December, I cant remember what my Consultant called it but again it is by IV. Whilst I am seeing the Consultant he wants to discuss the SCS, I think they know that these infusions are not going to work as they seem to be onto the next lot of medicine before you have had the original one. I will have to have a good think about the SCS but if you ask me on a bad day then yes sign me up for anything. lol.

I would also like to add about the nails and hair, I suffer with facial hair, and the hair on my legs is amazing, except where there is swelling and that is a lovely shade of pink purple and black. My toe nails grow really quickly now and they are thick and hard to cut but when they are cut they just splinter and I spend the next hour going round the floor picking up toe nails oh such fun. I am now unable to bend my toes properly and my feet are taking on a different appearance, (my kids say they look like gargoyle feet - arnt children lovely)

Well I am sorry to have waffled on for so long.

Have a good weekend

Hugs Jools

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