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I agree with Deanne on the heat - I use a heating pad ALL the time when I am sitting down. Long silk underwear is also wonderful! Lands End and LL Bean have a few different styles in their catalogs, I bought some when they were on sale last year. I also love cotton turtleneck sweaters, fur lined Crocs and Ugg boots.

My strategy with RSD has been to never stop walking outdoors on a daily basis unless the weather is truly horrific. Most days my dog and I log between 3 and 5 miles. When it is cold I bundle up with long underwear, flannel lined jeans, layers of tops, and a long wool coat that comes almost to the ground with a pair of Uggs. I LOVE being outside and my walks are very therapeutic for me. The only days we don't go out are when it's raining too hard or its really, really cold (like 10 degrees!).

My head, neck and right shoulder are the worst for me for RSD pain. My feet and right leg, and just recently, my left leg, can also be painful. Cold wet windy weather is the absolute pits and definitely makes me feel sicker. One of my sisters lives in Chicago and the cold there is really intense - I think you have it a whole colder there in the midst of winter than I have it here in RI. So perhaps on those single digit days when the wind is hooting you have to avoid being outdoors altogether. And if you do go out, make sure you are wrapped up well - multiple layers, scarves, hat, etc.

Good luck to you. Sandy

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