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Hi all. First let me say that I am grateful to have found this site. Thank you all for all the support that is shown here.
A bit about what has led to my RSD. In January of 2009 I had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery. I returned to work in April. I had only been back on the job and was lifting a heavy orthopedic instrument tray, I worked in a hospital, and felt a pop in my wrist. The next day I woke up with numbness in my ring and pinky. I had to go to the workman's comp doctor, who I was not very pleased with. He sent me to physical therapy for 2 months before doing an EMG! Since the compression was at the elbow, he said it was not related to the injury.

I was let go from my job. Had to wait for COBRA to kick in, and had a left ulnar nerve transposition at the end of Oct. 2009. I thought I was doing well until 3 weeks post op, when I jerked the arm the wrong way, and have been in excrutiating pain since. Arm blows up. It is not my dominant arm, yet it is 2 inches bigger than my dominant one.

Skip to the chase, I had a stellate ganglion block done on Monday. While this relieved pain, it was short lived. Only lasted 18 hours. So my question is, has anyone had this done, and did they get any relief, and for how long.

Thank you for any support in advance.

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