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I cannot say I feel that there is any improvement yet....and have noticed numbness in the fingers of my other arm. If I lay on my right side my left arm goes to sleep.

I am right handed and losing my abilities w/that hand more than stinks.

My doc has me on neurontin, celebrex and vitamin c. Would like to hear from other sufferers and also any natural remedies out there[/QUOTE]

Hey ParrotMom!

If you've seen my other post, I guess we are kinda in the same boat. I was also offered neurontin and similar. I declined because, IMHO, those are for "adjusting" the way you perceive pain and do nothing for the actual pain nor help with rehab. VERY necessary for those who have heavy duty chronic pain however. --- I have lived a long charmed life without any major injury nor illness until THIS. As a result, I have been going thru all the "Stages": "Why Me?" - "Frustration" - "Anger" --- The next Step is "Acceptance". However, I refuse to accept this! I just push myself until the tears flow, take a break and then do it again. "Anger" works for me ;)

I think it is working. I can tolerate touching things now. I have more ROM and grip - just a bit more each week.

RE: "natural remedies" --- OK... *MY* Tip of the Day: Get some therapeutic putty. It comes in diff. colors which indicates how "stiff" it is. I find that it feels good to just squeeze it and play with it all day long. Since even eating is problematic left-handed, I have that putty in my right hand when I( am at the table.

[QUOTE=ParrotMom59;4192338]I was told the neurontin does do something with the I am taking it for another couple weeks to see if it helps. also the celebrex, vitamin b6 and vitamin c.

Went back today as it seems I know have carpal tunnel in my left hand most likely do to over use.

So I'll be wearing a brace on my left hand to bed along with a heating pad on my right hand..............:confused:[/QUOTE]

Good Morning!

Until I was told I had RSD/CRPS 8 months ago, I had never heard of it... Found this Forum and discovered that it can "migrate" / "mirror" and appear in the other hand. But, you say it's carpal-T from "over use". Hope that you have family/friends to help! I cannot imagine how frustrating it must be with BOTH hands! I had a brace for the first few weeks. Sleeping more than an hour or two was so annoying. I still have difficulty sleeping more than 3-4 hours before the hand/wrist wakes me up. Been up since 3:30 AM again today.

I saw that you are in Ft. Wash / PHL area - Hang On! You are getting another huge storm. Hope the cold doesn't affect you too much.

Yes: :confused: - from my reading, no one has a real understanding of this. Everyone seems to have different symptoms / reactions which makes it all the more weird. Folks here post that we all need to find our own paths.

The unconditional support and understanding I have found here is GREAT! Hope that you can find a bit of comfort here too!


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