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Kelly, it sounds like you are in good hands with a doctor you trust and who knows his job - I think that is very important and a good start for a successful result. To answer your questions:
*the trial is for a week with the wires in place but the battery is external so no showering because you have a wound where you could get infected - but it isn't bad and will give you an idea as to how SCS will work for you
*after the trial I suggest asking the doctor how hard/easy placement was in your body - I've found that my anatomy is shaped like a triangle which makes lead placement and stability difficult - thus my problems with needing revisions and a replacement -also the smaller your frame the more difficult it will be
*with perm placement you will have 2 or 3 scars that are about 3 inches long - but they fade very quickly and aren't super noticeable - if they pain goes away I feel that they are worth it
*recovery is tougher for where the battery is implanted as they have to make a "pocket" and then leave a large thing in your body - the doc should have a sample of what it looks like and the size - obviously more cutting/trauma = more recovery time so that's the "worst" part
*during recovery - anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks once again - no showering and no "BLT's" (Bending, Lifting, Twisting) - this allows the leads to form a lasting bond in place - ask for an abdominal support band if they don't offer one - it will help with "pushing" the battery further into place and stabilizing your leads while they are healing. I didn't have one the first 2 times but did the 3rd and it made a huge difference
*you should be able to do everything anyone else can do after placement as long as your pain is controlled - and that's what we all hope for
*just a word of advice - most people say that stimulation stops working for them after a few years - I'm at 2 years total now and it only helps in places but I'll take whatever help I can get for pain relief
*There is a medical white paper journal study about a nurse and pregnancy. She wore and used her stimulator the entire time of pregnancy - it was her only method of pain relief due to medication concerns and her pregnancy. This is one of the main reasons that I've gone through with all of the SCS hassle that I have - I too want to have a baby and don't want the medications to be a problem - I'll go off of the meds when I start trying to get pregnant - just as an FYI women often go into remission while pregnant but the RSD comes back after delivery - I've heard this from folks who have RSD as well as my doctor so I believe the information.

I think that answers all of your questions with even a bit more info than you asked for. If you have any other questions please ask - I'll be happy to clarify/answer - I truly believe that it is best going into this with your eyes open. Most folks shy away from the SCS and I've had regrets - but overall I can't complain now that I've had a placement by a physician who was exceptional. One last thought - according to my insurance company I can expect to need to have the battery/brain unit replaced 3 times over my life so that's more procedures but several years down the road.

Best of luck to you! Sorry for the book... but I hope the info helps.

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