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The only time I've taking Lyrica is after surgery. I took it for the first time this past October and only for 2 weeks, but I have to say it helped the burning for the period of time I took it. I had severe burning right after the surgery and it helped that. I just had another knee surgery last week and he gave it to me again. This time I didn't get the burning I did after the last surggery, but I got extra, extra pain than after last surgery. He gave me 75mgs this time and 50 mgs last time. I don't plan on taking it for long....just for about two weeks. I've been pretty status quo RSD pain-wise for about 9 years since I got my pump so that's why I don't want to add something else into the mix for good. Just taking it for after surgery pain. And yes, it can make you tired and it does make me tired. I thought the Neurontin was much worse though, but I took that a long time ago so who knows? Good luck.

Sharon :)[/COLOR]
I was on Neurotin or as I like to call it...Moran-tin! Makes you feel like a real moran when you take it. I was immediately removed from taking it any further cause all it did was make me feel drunk, but no pain was ever reduced. Now I have been on Lyrice 750mg daily. I know it is a "huge" dosage and I have spokenn to the reps who have their eyes bugged out because I have exceeded the actually daily amounts, but it works. I take 150mg in the am then 300mg each at lunch and then dinner. I've gained weight, but don't assume it is due only to the Lyrica cause I take 4 other meds too that add to my gut. Yes, some people will find it helpful and others might not. It is like that with any medication you take. I feel that if I didn't have the Lyrica then who knows what might have helped. Of course, we have to go thru an extensive list of meds before our dr's find the right one to benefit each person personally. Hopefully this is helpful to you, but read up on each product. People will say that Lyrica is being prescribed for the wrong reasons when it comes to RSD. In fact, my dr has been told by me insurance company that I should be removed from all of my meds because they are not supposed to help me with my condition. Yeah right!

I was diagnosed 5 years ago with my RSD in my foot in which it has spread. Even though I don't want to take these meds it is a must in order to deal with my pain. I recommend Lyrica to anyone I would come into contact with.
Hello Parrotmom,
How are you doing on the Lyrica? It's been ages since I've been on here so I thought I'd come back for a while - Sometimes I find people's input helpful and optimistic, other times I find the info scary. I was diagnosed in 2007 in my left foot (RSD decided to appear after plantar plate surgery not done correctly). I've been on Lyrica 225's and I take 3 daily, along with Savella 50's twice daily. It seems to help quite a bit but I do hurt everyday. I haven't had any infusions, and I don't have a SCS. I need surgery that I can't have because of the huge risk of making the RSD worse than it is right now. Having it worse -- I cannot imagine life with it worse, so I am taking my doc's advice and not having surgery of any kind unless it's truly life threatening. My doc knows RSD well and he's been researching it for many years, so I believe I'm in good hands.
I hope things are good with you -- Will wait to hear from you.
[QUOTE=ParrotMom59;4196856]Well after complaining about the Neurontin "kicking my butt" (making me want to spend my afternoons sleeping) they switched me to Lyrica.

Anyone have any experience with Lyrica? I start my first dose tomorrow morning.[/QUOTE]

I have rsd in my ankle and leg and I am on lyrica now. I was on neurotin for 4 months and it was very hard on me, very bad head aches, and many other things. so the pain clinic switched me to lyrica with much better results and less side effects. I had a couple of nerve blocks that did nothing. For my condition, lyrica has worked the best so far. Every one is different good luck
You're right, everyone's body chemistry is different. That's what makes RSD so hard to treat. My husband started on Neurontin. It made him gain weight and have trouble with memory and concentration. So he tried Topamax. THAT made him totally depressed, slept all day, didn't eat or anything. Of course he lost weight, but that wasn't the way to do it! He is now on Lyrica, and that seems to be working the best. He also takes Strattera to counteract the cognitive side effects of the Lyrica and methadone. That has helped his concentration and reasoning powers a lot.
Hi, i've been on both neurontin and lyrica for RSD. At first both drug seemed to help with my pain. But after a couple months, I would start have bad side effects. now, i've been taken off all internal med's because of surgery for a Perforated Bowel and blockage. they cut out some of my small Intestine and colon. This almost killed me! I personally think these drugs had something to do with this problem. they gave me lidoderm patches that don't do a whole lot but i would rather deal with the pain than take these drugs. I have had bad results from them
HI parrotmom, I thinkit just depends on the individual, I was on lyrica and it made me feel drunk or hung over, I switched to neurotin and got good relief for the rsd burn but did not with lyrica. I am glad to say since I had my stimulator implanted in dec. I am not on the neurotin either. I am still on percocets and the catapress patch though. good luck

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