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Success with rsd
Apr 12, 2010
hi everyone. When first diagnosed with rsd, i was disheartened to not see anyone with success stories so I write this in hopes that someone else will benefit from what i have been able to achieve and that there is hope. Two years ago and fell, broke my right wrist in seven places. I had plates and pins put in and when the splint was removed, my fingers were "frozen" in place like a claw and i could not move them. I had all the symptoms of RSD. My surgeons PT worked for weeks with no success in moving the fingers without severe pain and then finally set me up for a nerve block in my neck. The nerve block did not work at all, but recommended that i try a neurotin called Gabapentin. He told me that gabapentin was a seizure medication, but it was discovered to be helpful with RSD. starting with a 600mg dosage, we increased it to 1800mg and most of the burning disappeared. I also began seeing a different therapist who had some knowledge of rsd and i went daily for several months. I also was seeing a massage therapist weekly for one year and she helped destress my hand. Slowly, my fingers got better and are now almost normal. I attribute the gabapentin to stopping the pain and my hand therapist in gaining use of my hand back. I have very little pain unless i forget to take a gabapentin. I think the combination of going faithfully to pt immediately after diagnosis, and the gabapentin is what my lifesavers were. Its been three years now and i know how lucky i truly am. I hope someday there will be a cure and no one will have to suffer thru this anymore.

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