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Hi I just read your post. I am very happy for you. I just got diagnosed with
RSD I'm a nurse whom had a pt scratch my upper arm she had Mrsa I then ended up with it.Wound finally healed then started having burning numbness and constant severe pain in my arm. I went to neurologist he gave me Lyrica
thenCymbalta along with NeuropathB. This is a workman's comp case so I've seen several drs. and having a heck of a time getting the diagnosis RSD to my claim. Also diagnosed with Depression. My life has been turned upside down
But it's good to see the is a lite at the end of the tunnel. Good for you
and may God Bless ya...
carracing, it sounds like they are trying similar neurotins for you, i know my doctors said that lyrica was an option but the gabapetin took hold so i never tried it. my diabetic hubby takes lyrica for neurothopy in his feet but i dont think it helps him alot. its amazing that something like a scratch, stubbed toe or strained knee can cause all this. i was also workmans comp but i was sooo lucky, my caseworker said do anything you can that helps so that was really important and helpful. medical doctors, not so great. still alot of skeptics and lack of knowledge so i find that support really hard to find. i think thats why finding the right physical therapist makes all the difference. although i have some limitations and will probably take neurotin the rest of my life, i am gratefuly beyond words, but sometimes feel like i have survivors guilt for those that arent as lucky. i really struggled when i originally wrote the post, I didnt want my post "success with rsd" to be pompus, just was wanted to give other some hope. i hope you are able to find something that works for you, whether its more unwanted surgery or meds that works for you. i think some of the research was right, gotta start pt and meds asap immediately and fight with everything you can. as you probably have seen, depression also comes into play, looking back i probably was slightly depressed too but i was fortunate that a co-worker became my emotional support person, so please try to find someone to talk to either a friend or professional. at my PT they did have a therapist on staff available that i probably should have talked to but never did. dont hesitate to do that, its easy to feel alone and without support with this. and if you dont feel that the PT is helping, try to find another who may be more familiar with RSD. it could make all the difference. i sincerely hope that you are able to find the combinations that will allow you to find less pain and peace. bless you! sue

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