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Re: Possible RSD
Apr 21, 2010
[COLOR="Blue"]Hi and welcome. What was his reason for not answering you when you asked him why he thought you had RSD? That's weird that he wouldn't give you a reason.

I am SO not a good example of how I was diagnosed with RSD because I had it for over 3 years by the time I was diagnosed plus I got it over 24 years ago so times have changed. Others who post here will help you out with their stories. One of your symptoms that might have led the doc to think you could have RSD is the color changes that you describe. Did he have any suggestions about how you should proceed from here? I think if I were you, I'd see a pain management doc.

Good luck and I'm sure others will post here soon.

Sharon :)[/COLOR]
Re: Possible RSD
Jul 11, 2010
[QUOTE=ctucker225;4230329]Hi all. I went to the orthopedic doctor for torn ligaments in my ankle and basically anytime my foot hangs down it turns purple/red and it hurts all the time even when elevated. The OS looks at my foot and says I think you might have RSD. So here are my questions:

1. What prompted you to go to the doctor originally?
2. How did they diagnose you?

It just seemed really odd to me that it was my first visit to this doc (second opinion for surgery) and he hit me with RSD and then didn't even explain what it was and what would make him think that I have it.

So there you have it. Thanks in advance for any answers you may have for me.[/QUOTE]

My daughter was 8 when all the crazy RSD stuff started but was not diagnosed until 4yrs later. She is now 19 and the monster is still with her.
We had noticed when Ash would get hurt (she loved sports) it was like she broke a bone. We would have x-rays and nothing would show up. This went on for about 4 yrs with doctors tell us she was just dramatic or had a low pain tolerance. Then when she was about 12 she was in the hospital with her arm purple, and cold and so much pain. Our hearts hurt so badly for her. Her arm got so bad they wanted to amputate it. Then one Dr. walked in and said "wait, I think she has RSD".
There is no sure test for RSD. Some doctors think a bone scan will show RSD, some think nerve conduction test, (please don't ever have this done if you have RSD) and others think there is no such thing as RSD. What we where told by an amazing dr. is to drop rubbing alcohol on the effect area. A lot of the time with someone with RSD this will cause a lot of pain and discomfort but not always (you will find with RSD, it does not treat everyone the same) The coldness of the alcohol and the fast evaporation is what makes the RSD hurt. Cold is so bad on RSDrs, yet some doctors say put ice on it. UGgg
I would get a second opinion, usually if it's RSD you will know it. Pain leveles higher than what it should be, cold to the touch, or hot, shiny skin from swelling, twitching, and so on.
I hope I have been some help.

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