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Thanks for your advice. I have no family MD and only a psyatrist hired by WC who refuses to refer me to any specialists. He believes even tho he does not dispute my diagnosis of CRPS 2 bulging discs and torn miniscus in "non RSD leg" that I just need to work harder to increase my activity using more activity and weight bearing as that is the only treatment for RSD and pain. He has kept me on 3 meds Topomax 100 bid Cymbalta 60mg bid and amitryptaline 30mg at night. I use OTC allieve and motrin but my pain is completely debilitating I use wheelchair or walker and fall 2 or 3 times a month. I have been on neurontin and lyrica and hydrocodone in the past but these have been discontinued I did get some relief with lyrica and over used the hydrocodone but it was helpful in letting me "ignore" the pain??

I have been recommended for gastric bypass (have gained 150# since accident 2 yrs ago) won't do surgery on back because of my obesity and CRPS--won't do surgery on knee due to CRPS I have had referral for spinal stimulator trial buy WC will not approve any of these treatments. I would like to go Out of state to a pan center or something on my own but want to be sure I make a good choice as my family would be footing the bill as no insurance and WC will never agree to it. Idaho has very few specialists ==I am thinking Salt Lake City or Washington but open to any suggestions?? Thanks for listening :confused:

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