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I don't live in Idaho but I know the frustration of needing the right doc and unsure of how to get it. There aren't many docs that specifically work with crps but there are different types of docs that you could go to for some help. If you are on wc. then you probably have a doc already that can help you with that process. You can ask for a referral to see neuropathy and pain management docs. You can do some research on your own looking in your area for different types of pain clinics which usually have docs that work with people who have different nerve diseases and issues. Most of the time you do need some sort of referral for this but one thing to keep in mind is they have to help you. This is your body and your well being so you have to be very pro active and stand up for what you want. You have to be in the drivers seat when it comes to getting things done. Some times you do have to compromise. In my experience docs don't automatically give strong pain killers,especially when you are talking nerve issues. Most common is starting with nerve meds like lyrica,nerve blocks and less stronger pain meds like soma which is a muscle relaxer,tramidol and opies that are in the percocet family. It all depends on your doctor and how your pain and mobility is.
I hope I've been of some help. I know the beginning of this process can be quite overwhelming but hang in there. You have come to a great place for support and advice. We've all gone through it or are still going through it.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask away. There are LOTS of helpful people here. Good luck!
Take care and stay warm,
Thanks for your advice. I have no family MD and only a psyatrist hired by WC who refuses to refer me to any specialists. He believes even tho he does not dispute my diagnosis of CRPS 2 bulging discs and torn miniscus in "non RSD leg" that I just need to work harder to increase my activity using more activity and weight bearing as that is the only treatment for RSD and pain. He has kept me on 3 meds Topomax 100 bid Cymbalta 60mg bid and amitryptaline 30mg at night. I use OTC allieve and motrin but my pain is completely debilitating I use wheelchair or walker and fall 2 or 3 times a month. I have been on neurontin and lyrica and hydrocodone in the past but these have been discontinued I did get some relief with lyrica and over used the hydrocodone but it was helpful in letting me "ignore" the pain??

I have been recommended for gastric bypass (have gained 150# since accident 2 yrs ago) won't do surgery on back because of my obesity and CRPS--won't do surgery on knee due to CRPS I have had referral for spinal stimulator trial buy WC will not approve any of these treatments. I would like to go Out of state to a pan center or something on my own but want to be sure I make a good choice as my family would be footing the bill as no insurance and WC will never agree to it. Idaho has very few specialists ==I am thinking Salt Lake City or Washington but open to any suggestions?? Thanks for listening :confused:

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