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I am very sorry to hear that. The UCLA ketamine infusion program is run and done by Joshua Prager. When I spoke with him on the phone about 6 months ago, he was willing to discuss this treatment with me. However, it's 1K to him, and 1K to the outpatient hospital. Not covered by insurance at that time but...Dr. Kozin did tell me that there is FINALLY a legit medical paper in regards to having success with this so maybe now it's covered. Its worth a try. There are people who have success with it for 3 months, and there are people who have no success with it so I wasn't at a point where I really needed it. Your wife would have her own nurse for 8 hours and they infuse for multiple days. If she does this treatment, can you please have her post how she felt afterwards, etc. I take Lyrica and Savella. Savella is pretty new fibro drug and I don't have fibro but I'm having better luck since Dr. Kozin doubled my Savella. May I ask if your wife is on SSI/SSD? I wish you both blessings and the best of luck. Please have your wife post it if she gets that treatment. Thanks!
Hello again,
I wish you both well in your search. It sounds like your wife might be a candidate for Dr. Pragers ketamine infusion program. I am very hopeful for a treatment that gives ALL of us success, and also a treatment that is covered by insurance. Right now each infusion is $2,000.00 up at UCLA by Dr. Prager and because they are not FDA approved, insurance will not cover them. When I spoke with Dr. Prager, he said he recommends like 3 of them the first time and I guess he takes it from there, depending on whether or not they help. I was also told he can be a bit of a salesman. :cool: I understand that this ketamine stuff can be very very dangerous and that its in its infancy but goodness sakes -- Who can afford 2K for each infusion? It gets me upset that insurance just turns its back on something that can be helpful to some with RSD. But then again, I can understand their hesitancy if it doesnt help everyone. I think that this ketamine is where all the research is headed though and I know there is a recent study on ketamine that shows success on a consistent basis so maybe we are not that far off from having insurance cover it. They have eliminated the chance of psychosis by giving a combination of drugs with it, and it wasnt that long ago that patients that had this treatment risked permanent psychosis. That is a really scary thought!!
Keep me posted,:wave:

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